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As the fight to give constitutional rights to the unborn gains momentum, American women grapple with the unexpected fallout. PERSONHOOD documents the burgeoning personhood movement and the far-reaching impacts of laws designed to protect the fetus. The film enters the lives of women denied their civil rights and criminalized simply by virtue of being pregnant and asks the fundamental question: Is it possible for women to be full and equal members of society if the child in her womb is a separate legal person?

“We have to decide that all life counts, not just fetal life, but the lives of women, and the lives of people
who hold views that are different than yours."

Dr. Willie J. Parker, 2013 George Tiller, MD, Award Recipient

The Team

Meet the Production Team behind Personhood

Joanne Ardinger
Joanne Ardinger
Director, Producer, Editor

Jo is a director and Telly and CINE Golden Eagle Award-winning editor with over ten years experience at all phases of production. In 2013, Jo edited short documentary, Beyond The Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array, narrated by Jodi Foster. And in 2012, she edited two feature documentaries broadcast on PBS,  Into Deepest Space: the Birth of the ALMA Observatory and PapaBoss . Her other work includes the Military Channel’s Lions of Babylon – A Soldier’s Diary and Discovery’s Fantastic Festivals of the World – Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival. Jo produces content for KCTS Quest Northwest, as well as editing narrative projects.

Rosalie Miller
Rosalie Miller

Rosalie is an actor, award-winning producer, and co-founder of Wanderhouse Productions. Recent producer credits include short drama, Decimation, which won a ‘Jury Award’ at the Seattle International Film Festival 2013, Throwing Punches, about one stuntwoman’s journey to the top, and Every Beautiful Thing, starring HBO’s Lauren Weedman. In 2012, Rosalie produced a high-profile speaker series for nationally acclaimed environmental news site,, bringing in influencers such as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Van Jones, and Dr. E.O. She works with the  Social Justice Film Festival, and is a member of SAG-AFTRA and Women In Film Seattle.

Stefan Hajek
Stefan Hajek
Consulting Producer

Stefan is an award-winning film producer, director, and co-founder of Wanderhouse Productions. He has produced three feature films, nine short films, a television pilot, and several music videos including the multi-award winning period drama Decimation, and the experimental narrative Turning Point. He co-produced the 20th Century Fox released Heart of the Country  and I Am. And most recently, the dramatic feature  A Bad Summer for Tomatoes, which is currently in post-production. Stefan’s first documentary as a director, Solid Blue, has been selected for screening at several international festivals.

Leah Warshawski
Leah Warshawski
Co-executive Producer

Leah is a producer/director specializing in documentary storytelling around the globe for commercials, branded entertainment, reality shows, narrative features, and documentaries. She has worked for major television networks on shows including LOST and HAWAII, and has filmed in more than 30 countries. Her most recent feature documentary Finding Hillywood (2013) has won six awards since its premiere, including the Critic’s Award (Sebastopol Documentary Festival) and the Audience Award (Napa Film Festival). Leah is also the co-founder of, an outreach and job site created in partnership with Bpeace (Business Council for Peace) and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. She enjoys helping filmmakers develop and implement effective (and fun) marketing, outreach, festival, and audience engagement strategies.  Her next feature documentary in production is called Big Sonia.

Erin Bernhardt
Erin Bernhardt
Associate Producer

Erin, an Atlanta native, is a Peabody and Emmy award-winning humanitarian journalist and filmmaker. She first fell deeply in love with Africa and its people on her assignment to Madagascar with the Peace Corps. Her production and outreach experience includes ABC, CNN, and non-profits around the world. At CNN, Erin worked closely on the 2008 election coverage; found a niche in covering Africa, musical activism, and the changing face of homelessness. Erin also worked as the Filmmaker & Community Manager at Better World Books where she learned about the global education crisis, further motivating her to produce Imba Means SingErin is devoting her time to fundraising, marketing and producing the film. She also continues her activism through regular columns for Huffington Post, Paste, and Rejuvenate magazines.

"I think it's critical for us all to ask the fundamental
question: and that is, what is the pre-born child?

And then become educated on it."

Keith Mason, Founder, Personhood USA

“What’s happened is that women are beginning to recognize that what’s at stake is more than abortion, it is their personhood — their ability to be full, equal, constitutional persons in the United States of America."

Lynn Paltrow, Executive Director, National Advocates for Pregnant Women


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“In the public policy wars, one side is driven by a moral vision that says we have to save all the embryos and fetuses. The other side is driven by a moral visions that says we have to protect the rights of women.”

Dr. Arthur Caplan, Ph.D , Professor, NYU Langone Medical Center



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